Sanction ON innocent – rebel without a cause;

Recently, and unbearably they have ban my Fics account at my previous post. You know why?
They accuse me involving hacking job,
They accuse me being friends of hackers because they have raise my rating top on other jealous players.
They accuse me hiding information,not connecting to admins who never hesitate a sec to ban my account.
They accuse me being guilty of everything. they have not decide which one to choose yet.
Then, Who are THEY? when you trace you have no backup.

YES, I accuse FICS in Public, occupying admins who has unlegal desires to apply on TCP based info.

I am at Fics side, not at the side of those sneaky lyers with racist aims (Most Admins) who has never done a single good on me.
Here is some Case studies on ADMIN abuse;
ADMIN ABUSE 1- You get a disconnect from server while you play a “no-escape game”. Then you check that you can still surf at internet. So there is no stall at internet, it is only fics. so you hurry to login server as a guest to fics. and you see that your actual account is still served there at fics, and then it gets logout. And you never wonder why? thinking it is fics bug. NOPE IT IS NOT A FICS BUG. IT IS Some one ELSE knows your “password” logins to server and shots you out to make you lose your game. so who can it be now. GUESS WHO?? They also use that method to nuke you out server without a trace to stop you talking.
ADMIN ABUSE 2-You are flooded at each last 10 sec of lightning games to lose at time while you have mates at most 3. You aggregate your opponent not knowing it is some one else knowing your ip. They alwas tell you, check your ISP. nope you know your isp uses fiber 50mb connection and they even do not let you open ports at your router. they “tell get over it,” GET OVER LIGHTNING.  get over admins knows your TCP to flood it.
ADMIN ABUSE 3- Each time you reply personal attacks at channels it is only you get aworned or nuked. if you dont reply and try complain to admins they even do not reply or they tell you “report it abuse.” While they Nuke you without aworning if IT WAS YOU WHO HAS BEEN REPORTED AND THEY FILL YOUR FILE.
ADMIN ABUSE 4-Each day you see some of your opponents disapper without a trace. What ever has happened to them. Where can you trace your opponents. what scum society we have here? Should you be only aware of them when they hack back Fics?

So, they have select me as a victim of accuse at that hacking job. Here is Why i should have did it if i have been the hacker. I am chess addicted and I have been involved fics since it has been established. I dont know how many times they have ban my account because it was an US.abroad TCP.

First time, I have been muzzled after complaining at tourney channel about a tourney which i was winning, before i get nuked by an admin and reported as disconnection ( while my opponent was in mate position and lack of time. ) My opponent has been disconnected many times and come back with extra time. but then i have been punished and pointed. it did not take a week i have been banned with accuse a cheating as public and disconnecting at purpose.
Then i have decide to move ICC server in 1995 and has pay to get ban on lag complaints i did alot on users and violate them. I have won most of the tourneys i have join there.
All those cheating stuff on an ordinary chess server has been applied to me.
– Players who moves intentionally illogical moves to steal time,
– Possible lag manipulations,
– Frequent nuke actions appears like ordinary disconnect.
– Insulting and then Censor on lose,
– Being accused as public accusation at those common abuses by admins and being punished when you try to reply them. How i regret and hate, i have pay to be abused by a server called “ICC.”
Then hopefully I have joined back to
But, I have never been informed how get unban an account. Well back to Fics. There was a real trouble maker alerted to trace my national TCP. every account i have create was due to that Personal attacker. So, Each different accounts i have create from different locations years after, They were still after me no matter any succes i have held at fics. They traced me on IP destination. they queried me as CIA. they followed every step i made on board to recognize me.
Fics was worst than ICC to face with some other trouble makers at social network.
– All cheaters and violent people were abusing rookies as free as they were close friends of admins.
Soon, a trouble maker (code developer signed as admin) has post me, before my (Langoma) Account has been banned long ago.
Lude: WE have a small, elite public here, We can’t tolerate your behavour.
me: I am sorry IF i have done something wrong.
Lude: No, You are not sorry.
me: Yes, I am sorry.
Lude: No.
me: Why me? While all players talks like that at channel 24.
Lude: We don’t want your presence here. I am going to muzzle you
me: Common man how i am going to seek bug games if muzzled at channel 24.
Lude: Don’t say a word now.
me: “WORD” – muzzling action.
me: Fuck you – Bannification
——- After long time, by luck a conversation with an admin (Dont know it was his good time), I have been able to recover my first supposed account “GUILTYKING”. I have try to do nothing wrong. and never use any vulgar word. And head my way over 2000 all variations. I have even beat all engines including StayAlive(2792). I have been Most Active PLayer during that time i have been unbanned. —————– So , Suddenly when i was eeking some games.
i have been nuked and when i came back i have seen U R BANNED. ———- Then, I ask some admins WHY? HERE THEY REPLY.;
LightKnight(*)(SR)(TM): sandbagging, disconnecting, spam, and possible lag manipulation, spamming match requests from guest accounts after your main account has been censored. This has been written about you. Rochester: we have several complaints about you.
mattuc(*)(SR): There have been multiple complaints about you sandbagging, disconnecting, and spamming. You will have to contact abuse about the ban.
mattuc(*)(SR): sandbagging is when a player intentionally loses games that are not lost to lower their own rating. They accuse me possible lag manipulation while they reply “What is lag cheating?” each time i report that.


guiltykingy: I have send messages to abuse about some has ban my account again giving no acceptable Reason but some lies noted on me. can you check it please. i have done nothing wrong. Chessty(*)(SR): sure, I can look into it for you. What is your handle? guiltykingy: guiltyking Chessty(*)(SR): lol your handle is guiltyking and you want me to investigate about you being innocent <———– ???? guiltykingy: i have been most gain that period to get while they accuse me sandbagging. yes please Chessty(*)(SR): give me a minute to look over your file guiltykingy: i was on the way to get all my ratings over 2000, i have been most online while they note me disconnecting. and more if u please i have talk all players, i have play they say you are ok. we did not complain at you. Chessty(*)(SR): your file is quite lengthy <——————————————————-??? which is not a good thing usually it seems you have a pretty strong history of abuse guiltykingy: i know. i want to know who is on me to note those? Chessty(*)(SR): creating multiple dupe accounts guiltykingy: yes it was long time ago Chessty(*)(SR): still reading…I’ll get back to you shortly guiltykingy: and i have recover my first account last month, thx my only fault was . i did not know i could be banned if i create dupes to partner myself to play bug house. but this time i have never argue any one. and try to give no problem. at least i have try. i have never spam anyone. except you now. all i intent was being best player at fics. may you ask combokid about me. though he hates me i guess he says rite things about me. Chessty(*)(SR): ok, I have read through your file. I see that you definitely were abusive with the creation of multiple dupe accounts, despite being told years ago that it was not allowed on the server you were banished for that, and then released from the ban just last month guiltykingy: yes, then i did nothing wrong. but banned again and i dont know why Chessty(*)(SR): yes, it looks like you were doing okay for a little while but then we suddenly received multiple complaints about you, not just from one person, but quite a few guiltykingy: ok. if some complains me ill accept that, but i have behave nice all people Chessty(*)(SR): the reason for the ban being reinstated is that you were sandbagging, disconnecting to avoid a loss, spam, and lag manipulation. guiltykingy: i know i did nothing wrong, sandbagging, disconnecting to avoid a loss, spam, and lag manipulation. i refuse them, i never do those Chessty(*)(SR): one complaint states that the user has you censored. He claims you logged on as a guest to spam with match requests Chessty(*)(SR): and that you tried to communicate with him as a guest, to get around the censor. guiltykingy: no never that also, i dont understand all those notes why? i did not do those Chessty(*)(SR): that is what you are saying, but there are many others that say the accusations are true. guiltykingy: i even dont know who has complain about me. may you please ask them again if they insist on me? then ill accept my fault Chessty(*)(SR): I can’t tell you that, sorry. Our policy is to protect the user that has the complaint. guiltykingy: yes. i dont want name just ask them Chessty(*)(SR): I will personally speak with the users that complained about you and hear their side of the story guiltykingy: thx alot, thank you very much Chessty(*)(SR): it will take a couple of days or so to speak to them but I will try to get back to you very soon guiltykingy: you are the man Chessty(*)(SR): if you have not heard from me in five days time, please email me at (if you don’t see me online) guiltykingy: please know that i ave never intent to do those accusations Chessty(*)(SR): lol well, actually the mom would be more accurate guiltykingy: wow. chess mom Chessty(*)(SR): I will look into it and get back to you then Chessty(*)(SR): still here? guiltykingy: yes, observe me beating sordid Chessty(*)(SR): I have removed the ban on your account, but you must promise me that you will not use guest accounts (or your registered account) to spam match requests (IF I HAVE EVER DONE SUCH THING)* guiltykingy: i love you, i will never get close any trouble again Chessty(*)(SR): lol please try to not get yourself into further trouble. It is not that hard to enjoy the server without annoying other users. i have never intent. so after i will even get close any trouble player, i love you again Chessty(*)(SR): thank you, and enjoy your games guiltykingy: this most good day i have ever had at fics..


chaostheory Available 3 mins DeadKings Off_duty 18 hrs, 0 mins frengo Idle 3 hrs, 49 mins LightKnight Idle 25 mins MoosMutz Playing 17 secs Pulga Off_duty 32 mins

one of those or many applies ADMIN ABUSE -1 above so often AT daily base to me.

so i have complain that to chesty and abuse.

they have refuse again tellling me it is ISP…… lies lies lies. then they quit distructing me and start banning other players. and I GUESS one of them arranged a hacking in return. I have recieved that pastebin or postbin content due to a russian unknown account. and post it here to clear case to let everbody knows it.







3 Responses to “Sanction ON innocent – rebel without a cause;”

  1. guiltyking Says:

    let me inform you kindly, that poll has IP-trace specifications 🙂

  2. محمد قاعود Says:

    Shut up Bulkyking

  3. Diedara Says:

    FICS admins act like they are the manager of life and @Funkmaus is the most annoying bitch, she recently accused me of dupe accounts and banned me for NO REASON.

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